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Exspeedious Deliveries


ZoomU:The college delivery app is instant and on-demand. When your item is ready, a driver is immediately available to deliver it to you within a few minutes.• Speed: ZoomU is the fastest way to get anything delivered to you.• Variety: Browse menus and order from just about any place in your town!• Convenience: We bring your deliveries right to your door! No need to come outside.• Reliability: ZoomU is built on high quality performing drivers. • Smart tracking: Receive notifications in real-time from your driver. • Customer service: Our support team is available when you need it!
Visit to request us at your school, add stores and items in your area, and to apply as a driver!
"ZoomU is an app that is on demand for anything you want. Solo cups, pong balls, food, and just about anything else you can close your eyes and imagine"